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Ukraine | Україна

Yekaterina Chernenko
Blonde | Blue Eyes | 169 cm | Female

{ personality }
A warm-hearted nation who is constantly dragged into some sort of mess. She is know for her 'large tracks of land' and her status as a major agricultural nation .
The oldest sister of Russia & Belarus , she is described as being rather motherly , having raised them both since a young age .
As a nation , she has suffered extreme poverty & many tragedies , though she has remained kind and good natured dispite it all .
Although she appears to be a cry-baby , she is said to be rather 'fearsome' at times and can stand her ground .

{ appearance }
She sports short blonde hair which is kept back with a headband and clips .
And normaly wears a plain long-sleeved white blouse with blue overalls.

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